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Both agreements were signed this year. (AP Photo/File: Mark Baker)

Australia’s Canberra (AP) — On Tuesday, Australia’s Parliament approved bilateral free trade deals with Britain and India, leaving it to those trading partners to implement the agreements.

The agreements are essential for both Britain’s desire to establish new bilateral economic contacts after leaving the European Union and Australia’s need to diversify its trade from the unstable Chinese market to India.

The House of Representatives approved the legislation with ease on Monday, and the Senate passed them into law on Tuesday.

Before the agreements go into effect, they must be approved by the relevant British and Indian parliaments. Both countries have not yet done it.

Don Farrell, the minister of trade, claimed that India has proven its dedication to the two countries’ economic ties by the calibre of the agreement reached.

A crucial element of the government’s trade diversification policy, according to Farrell, is forging closer commercial connections with India.

The British agreement, according to Farrell, was “critical to strengthening our growth.”

More than 99% of Australian exports, including sheep and beef meat, dairy products, sugar, and wine, will be duty-free under the Australia-Britain agreement.

Taxes would also be eliminated on 90percentage points of Australian exports to India, including beef, fleece, linen, shellfish, almonds, and avocados.

On the margins of the Group of ten meeting in Indonesia last week click, Prime Minister Antony Albanese spoke with the leaders of India and the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak and Narendra Modi, respectively, about the deals.

Albanese stated that he would travel to India in April to push the April-signed agreement.

The British deal, which was agreed in December by the administration of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has come under fire from those in its place for failing to do more for Britain.

On Tuesday, Alnanese with his ministers welcomed Nzogi, the director-general of the World Trade Organization, to Canberra, the nation’s capital.

How to put the decisions made at the June meeting of the international trade organisation into practise was one of the subjects of discussion, according to Farrell.

In June, the WTO signed a number of agreements and pledges aimed at preserving ocean fish supplies, expanding the production of COVID-19 vaccinations in poor nations, enhancing food security, and modernising a 27-year-old trading organisation that has lagged behind in recent years.

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