CBD Asylum Products About the Brand
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Private UK-based business CBD Asylum is headquartered in Hull, England. It is Virtutum Retail Limited’s newest brand. This company was established as a result of significant research into CBD products and the benefits they can provide. It was founded in 2017 and makes and sells a wide range of Cannabis products. Our organization is continually creating new CBD products.

The backstory of the Brand.

The business aims to provide the most varied assortment of delectable CBD products on the market without going overboard or tasting cheap. The company’s founders are basically regular men who produce some incredible goods with a customer-focused mindset that is less frequent in modern retail.

This brand was established in Hull in 2018 by two close friends who shared a love of fitness, health, and motorsports. What had initially been a new business venture quickly transformed into a passion when the two realized the kinds of effects that CBD was having on people’s lives. The goal of this dream squad, which was recently discovered to be an authority on all things Cannabis, was to

A legacy was started when this business was founded. It provides a wide range of CBD deliciousness, including oils, pills, classic hard candies, delectable gummies, a cosmetics line, and even the only Cannabis sub-ohm e-liquids available in the UK. More than 80 goods (and counting), 17 flavor variants, and 10 intensities are now included in the extensive product line.

The entire process, from the raw CBD to the delicious, independently tested final product, involves research, development, testing (on humans, not animals), and manufacturing in ISO level 7 facilities at CBD Asylum HQ, Hedon Road, Hull.

The Brand’s Offerings.

In addition to being one of the top online CBD sites in the UK, the brand has an ever-expanding roster of carefully chosen high-street retailers, including four dedicated storefronts of Cannabis Asylum in Hull, East Yorkshire.

Since this company was founded five years ago as just a crazy notion by two young men in Hull, it is reasonable to say that it has never stood still, not even for a second. It is currently the UK’s most reputable CBD company.

Excellent customer service and promotions!

As far as this business is concerned, push sales are not engaged. Instead, you can get to converse with a community of CBD aficionados that are passionate about the products that they create. Your duty is to select the thing that is perfect for you because the products are so wonderful that they nearly sell themselves.

The customer care agents of CBD Asylum, Tony and Kat, absolutely go above and beyond to help you. They are always at the store or on the phone if you have a question regarding an order or simply need some kind advice.

Absolute Guarantee of High Quality.

Because this company’s CBD products are so much less expensive than those of other brands, one would assume that they are of worse quality. This is not true. All of our products are developed internally in our lab and third-party tested to guarantee the highest quality from plant to bottle.


CBD Online puts its consumers first by only offering reliable, superior items. And because of this, CBD Asylum has become one of the most well-known brands in existence right now.

While every business makes the claim to be the finest in its field, only this one can genuinely back up that claim with evidence. Trustpilot, the biggest customer review site in the world, it has the highest rating of any CBD World Online Company!

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