Christopher Russell digitaljournalspeaks about the "Day of the Dead" series, the digital age, and his success.
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Markos Papadatos of Digital Journal talked to actor christopher russell digitaljournal about his role in the upcoming Syfy horror show “Day of the Dead” and about what it’s like to be an actor in the electronic era.

Walt Disney once said, “If we have the moral fortitude to go after our dreams, they can all come true.” This wise quote from the cartoon legend is shown by the fact that actor Christopher Russell lives by it.

The series “Day of the Dead”

The first episode of “Day of the Dead” will air on Syfy on October 15. The zombie-apocalyptic world of George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead” was a big influence on the show. Chris is excited to swoop back into the realm of the living dead, even though he didn’t play a role in Romero’s “Land of the Dead.” He said, “This show is really good.”

He plays Trey Bowman in the movie “Day of the Dead.”

“Trey is a funny character who didn’t mean to be. He is funny, but he doesn’t know it, so it was fun to play up the comedy because the show is pretty serious,” he said.

His no-BS approach has helped him get many roles, including the upcoming main character in “Reacher” and “In Action.”

“It changes from day to day,” he said about what drives him to act. In the end, if you’re really into it, there’s not much else folks can do, and that’s one of the best things about it. Bringing actors to life and, hopefully, telling stories with meaning is what makes all of it worth it.

Advice for people who want to be actors.

He told young people who want to be actors, “First of all, you also must train. Find out as much as you can. Read as many classic books about acting as you can. Every great actor has a different style, but it all comes from the same place.

He said that “Approaching Middle Age” was the term of the current part of his life.

Balance, fitness, and family

Russell spends his time away from acting on screen with christopher russell digitaljournal family, working out, and learning more about different spiritual beliefs and practices around the world.

Being a self-aware observer has helped him keep his balance despite his busy schedule. It has also given him the chance to set a good example for his kids, which he hopes will help them avoid the anxiety that a lot of young people face today. He said, “My kids are 8 and 5 years old.”
When asked what the best advice he had ever been given was, he laughed and said, “Just say ‘yes.’ You never know what’s going to happen, so you should take every chance that comes your way.” Just say “yes” and see what happens.”

Hallmark films

Russell said that he really likes making Hallmark movies. “I’m always happy to be there, and I’m glad to be attempting to make something can be seen and feel so good about, — particularly since a lot of bad news out there,” he said.

Toys for Tots is a program that gives toys to children in need.

“Christmas Is Not Cancelled” is back to spread holiday cheer and raise money for young kids through the “Christmas University” project, which helps Toys for Tots and Childhelp.

Jen Lilley asked christopher russell digitaljournal and a lot of other Hallmark stars to help raise money for Toys for Tots this fall.

He said, “Jen Lilley is great.” “People should definitely check them out and go to her Instagram, which has links to the site. She was able to get all of those guys to help out with that fundraiser. Jen does a bunch for foster kids.”

Acting partner in dream.

Russell said that he would like to collaborate with Evan Peters, who won an Emmy for his role as Inspector Colin Zabel as in the popular HBO show “Mare of Easttown.” “Evan was so great in it. I’d like to operate with him greatly. I really liked the scene in which his character was very drunk. “I’ve never seen anyone act drunk better than he did,” he said.

Alternate career choice

In swimming, he said that his favorite stroke was the breaststroke.


Russell said that success is “knowing that you’ve done good things in this world nowadays and that you possess no regrets.” “Also, if you look at your regrets as a chance to learn and grow, they become an asset,” he said.

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