DexCoyote called the advantages of cryptocurrency over fiat


DexCoyote Foundation, a token creation and airdrop platform, spoke about the role of cryptocurrency in e-commerce. They noted that cryptocurrencies can improve the security of online transactions, provide buyers with greater transparency, and improve the speed of transactions.

One of the benefits of cryptocurrencies is security. Blockchain technology, on which many cryptocurrencies are based, provides a high level of security by distributing data to several network nodes and confirming transactions by many nodes. This makes it possible to secure transactions in e-commerce.

In addition, cryptocurrencies can improve the transparency of transactions. Most cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on an open database called a blockchain. This makes it easy for buyers to track every transaction and see where their money goes.

Finally, cryptocurrencies can speed up transactions and make them more convenient. Unlike traditional payment methods such as bank transfers and credit cards, cryptocurrencies allow transactions to be completed instantly, with no delays associated with payment processing.


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