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With the law consulting official estimate of the world’s population at over eight billion, it is only logical that the obligations of professions that serve the public will likewise grow. The economic crisis and worldwide recession have had a negative impact on everyday people’s well-being, underscoring the significance of law in the United States.

Law has many faces; it covers a wide range of topics, from criminal defense to corporate and commercial. Unlike how Hollywood portrays them, real-life lawyers are not all snarky, daring, and unpredictable.

Describe your background briefly. What are your law credentials?

Mario Normal: Since I don’t believe in self-restriction, I want to think of law consulting to see myself as a generalist. For instance, even though corporate law has always been my area of expertise, I didn’t stop looking into new opportunities since I thought I could succeed there as well. By nature, I’m still a corporate lawyer; I’ve just broadened my skill set and sought opportunities to develop.

Regarding my credentials & Law Consulting, I studied at Harvard University as an undergrad. I then spent a decade as an executive on Wall Street and, while managing other businesses at the time, studied the Carolina Law School in Carolina on a half basis.

Why did you decide to become a lawyer in the law category? What motivated you to make the choice?

Mario Normal: You could say that being a judge runs in my family. My father was still a judge & Law Consulting. I grew up idealizing my dad due to it and the reality that it was essentially encoded into my brain. He’s my hero and the greatest man that ever lived. My father was the beginning, but as I studied more about the legal profession, I also became aware of the former Justice Antonin Scalia, whom I greatly respect, as well as Carl Jung and Friedrich Nietzsche, both of whom had a significant impact on how I approached life.

What do you think about how lawyers are portrayed in Hollywood?

Normal Mario I’m trying to keep it brief for the readers because the topic might easily be the subject of a 3-hour-long argument. I wouldn’t say it’s exactly on-target. Unpredictability is a very prevalent quality among lawyers & law consulting, I mean, I had worked in more than my fair proportion of bizarre matters, and there are moments when you should be smart about handling different areas of a case. That pretty much sums up all the similarities between us and our Hollywood colleagues, and I think it’s safe to conclude that their portrayals are a little overdone.

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