Why does Susanne Eman eat so much?
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Susanne Eman is well-known for being very fat. She weighs upwards of 730 pounds, so she needs a group of people to support her move around. The question is why she eats so much.

Eman attempts to deal with her feelings by eating, among other things. In a talk with The Sun, she said, “Food makes me happy.” “It’s a drug to me.”

But Eman doesn’t just eat because of how she feels. Her body also was biologically set up to want food. The National Library of Medicine says that the chemicals in the brains of obese people are different from those of thin people. Their brains make more of the hormone ghrelin, which makes them feel hungry, and less of the hormone leptin, which makes them feel full.

This signifies that individuals like Eman have a harder time stopping eating once they’ve started, and they’re more likely to become hungry even after they’ve eaten a lot.

Eman’s situation isn’t unusual. Many obese people find it harder to control their hunger and lose weight than thin people do. This could be because they have different brains. Susanne Eman is one of the fattest women in the world. If you wish to learn more about her, click on the link Susanne Eman.

What are the most calories a person has eaten in one day?

The record for the highest calories eaten in a day is currently set at 12,000.

Susanne Eman ate how many calories in a day?

Susanne Eman, who is 32 years old and weighs 730 pounds, wants to be the heaviest living person in the world. Eman needs to eat 20,000 calories every day to stay the same weight. This is more of about three times the amount of calories a woman her age should eat. Some people might say that Eman’s way of eating is unhealthy, but she says that it’s the only way she can keep her weight up.

Susanne Eman’s childhood and how she got fat.

Susanne Eman did not have the ailment of obesity or being fat from the beginning. Her father quit his job when she reached 15 years old. She goes through a lot of hard times and is poor. Even her own family doesn’t have enough money to help her sick mother. Then, to get away from her sadness, Susanne Eman starts to eat too much. The more she ate, the more hungry she got. This is where her weight gain began.

Susanne preferred to eat when she was young. Food, chicken nuggets, French fries, and candy bars were her favorite foods. She would also always eat a lot at each meal. She was 215 pounds at the age of 17 years old (98 kg). Her family started to worry about her weight and overall health at this point. They attempted to get Susanne to eat healthy options and get more exercise, but she wouldn’t change.

Susanne kept getting bigger all through middle school and high school. According to the time she got her high school diploma.

Susanne Eman’s relationships and kids.

Susanne Eman is a woman who just doesn’t believe in limits. She has worked on her and her body for years to make sure she gets into the best shape possible. Susanne’s hard work has paid off more in ways than one. Now, she is thought to be the biggest woman in the world.

Susanne is 5’8″ tall and weighs over 750 pounds, but she has not wanted her size to stop Hannah from pursuing a full life. Kate is still in search of love and desires to meet someone who can deal with her curves.

Susanne hasn’t been able to find love so far, but that doesn’t mean she’s given up. She is driven to locate Mr. Right and build a family with him. Some people might not think a woman her size can even have children, but Susanne is sure she can.

She knows that far too many people think she’s crazy for wanting kids when she’s so big, but it doesn’t bother her. She’s happy to be herself and knows she can give any kids she might have a good home.
Susanne may be a problem to some, but she is an excellent role model to many. She demonstrated that anyone, no matter how big or small, can find love.

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